We have covered 10 breakfast recipes so far that are healthy and simple, but most of them require a little bit of cooking or prep work. What if you wake up and just don’t feel like cooking? Moms, and women in general, are busy people and sometimes we are TIRED or we have other things to do. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day since it gets bodies moving, brains awakened and kick starts our metabolism which helps burn calories through the day. ENTER this green protein smoothie recipe!!

Smoothies are my cheat! The kids like them because it’s like getting a refreshing treat for breakfast and I like them because I can throw everything in one blender and with the press of a button I can have a filling, nutritious and delicious breakfast that is easy to take on the run.

Now a few of my older kids try to protest, but my younger kids LOVE this smoothie.  I really wish I had introduced this to my older kids before they developed their dislike for green food because this smoothie is truly so good! My three-year-old takes the first sip and does a loud, exaggerated slurping noise which means he really, really likes it.

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